Teach English in Shuiyuan Zhen - Hechi Shi

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Despite some teachers believing lesson planning can be unimportant, there are certain things that having a lesson plan provides that make it necessary, especially to newer or struggling teachers. I think the most important part of the lesson planning process is the prediction and projected solutions. Yes, we should be flexible and change our lesson plans according to our students' progress and feedback within the class. However, before we step into a classroom we need to think about their needs. What materials will we/they need to complete activities? What problems will they have, and what we should therefore spend more time on (e.g. grammar versus basic vocabulary)? How many students will we have and what activities are feasible with that number? Again, flexibility is important, but being prepared, having an idea of how to answer the earlier questions, is just as necessary. This unit really pinpointed the information we, as teachers, need before entering any classroom, and I really enjoyed thinking the process through with the exercises provided. I also really liked discussing self-evaluation! A teacher should always be improving oneself and thinking of how to develop into an even better Model and Resource for their students.