Teach English in SAnmenhai Zhen [Paoli XiAng] - Hechi Shi

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Modal verbs are some of the most useful verbs in any language as they serve many purposes and can modify how formal a statement or question is. Must and should can be used for explaining obligation. Can and may both express permission but only can expresses ability. These verbs can be quite tricky to learners of English but they need to be practiced often as they are very high-frequency verbs. It is important to note that there is only one conjugation for modal verbs and that they do not change to match their subject in third person singular as do most English verbs. Another tricky subject to teach are relative clauses. Relative clauses modify nouns and are dependent clauses. Since dependent clauses aren?t complete sentences, they must be linked to the independent clause they modify using a relative pronoun. There are many cases in which one would drop the relative pronoun in native speech. When discussing problematic subjects for ESL students, phrasal verbs have to be included into the conversation. Transitive phrasal verbs can be divided into two groups: separable and inseparable. As the name implies, some phrasal verbs can be separated from the extra particles that give them their specific meaning while others may not.