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Most native English speakers use modal phrasal verbs all the time but if you were to ask a random adult on the street what a modal phrasal verb is they will most likely not be able to answer this question. As far as I know the education system does does not consider this topic (along with many others) to be an essential component of our understanding of English grammar. I for one, do not recall such a topic being covered in all the compulsory English language education I have had. Despite this, the topic is essential if one wants to fully understand English grammar. Phrasal verbs get even less attention, although they are used all of the time. Their categorizations may sound really complicated and intimidating when read (transitive inseparable (Type 3) phrasal verb?), but the concepts are easy to understand. Whether they will be easy to understand for students of English is hard to say as it may be hard for them to grasp the concept that it is the entire phrase (preposition included) that is the verb and indicates the action. Passive and active voice are may be relatively easy for students to understand. They simply indicate where the speaker wants to focus the listener's attention in relation to the information they are providing.