Teach English in Longfu XiAng - Hechi Shi

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there are 4 basic skills in any language; receptive - reading and listening, productive skills - speaking and writing. this unit is focused on receptive skills. we can divide the reason and motive for reading and listening into two categories: 1. for a purpose - it will help us achieve some particular aim and goal. 2. for entertainment - reading and listening could be pleasurable and enjoyable in some way. understanding of context will depend on: - predictive skills; - specific information - scanning; - general idea - skimming; - detailed information; - deduction from context. students could have some problems with listening and reading. so teacher should select texts very carefully and encourage skills to understand text without knowing every words/ the topic of text and dialogues should be interesting for student. there are the basic keys to successful receptive skills lessons are: - choose material that interests/ motivates the students; - build interest before reading / listening; - pre-teach complex vocabulary or structure ; - vary the type of material; - use the material to practice different skills; - use realistic comprehension tasks that aid understanding; - incorporate activate phases that naturally lead on from the text.