Teach English in Huangjin Zhen - Hechi Shi

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This unit gives an overview of common problems a teacher may encounter in the classroom. These problems include dealing wth reluctant students, the use of students' native language(s), different levels of learning in one class, or large classes. In any of these situations, it is important to establish a sense of rapport within the classroom, so various \"warmers\" or \"ice breakers\" prove useful here. These allow students and teacher to get to know each other more personally before delving into their learning. For the groups mentioned in this unit, there are some I had not previously given thought to, especially monolingual and multilingual classrooms. I have experienced both a monolingual classroom (in high school) and a multilingual classroom (in college), and I think these experiences will prove useful in thinking of ways to adapt to different learning styles that may have been reinforced via pedagogical techniques in certain countries. This might not be particularly relevant to teaching in Korea, where it will be mostly monolingual classrooms, but I think it will be rather beneficial for me to draw on these experiences in the future. This unit has definitely opened my eyes to a number of situations I never would have otherwise imagined.