Teach English in Duyang Zhen - Hechi Shi

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Unit 12 is all about helping students to write and speak- or inprove these if they already know how. ?Speaking is a very inportant thing obviously- And in this unit it has shown me how to get students encouraged to speak freely or even creatively. How to get them motivated and be involved in the lesson. A great example is to make the need to speak (or need for communication) in order to complete x,y and z. Or just making it competitive. ?For writing- In this unit it stresses that writing needs to be stress free, as much as possible. Writing can be hard. There are so many different ways to write something and so many students will most likely have a hard time with this area. °Ideas to help students with this area of English- ?Get them exsposed to buiness letter, E-mails to friends, newspaper articles. Get them to spot the difference in all of these, compare what is different or even what words they use or how something is said. ?Have them write a story useing basic language (or depending of their level- use more complex words) ?Gap-fill ?Using pictures is probably the best way to go sometimes, have a comic with the word bubbles empty and have studetns fill in the blanks with what they think is going on.