Teach English in Disu Zhen - Hechi Shi

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This unit was a collection of different grammar rules all in one. Although it felt a little strange to have four separate grammars in one unit simultaneously, the concepts were quick to learn with little ambiguity to them, so it wasn't confusing. Even though there were a lot of modal verbs, the list was done simply and neatly with plenty of examples and even activate ideas to use. I have a background in Latin, so passive voice was an easy skim. Relative clauses, however, have always been difficult. Even native speakers/writers tend to overuse commas and don't realize the difference between defining & non-defining clauses. I feel a lot more confident about teaching how to identify them as well as write them for myself! There weren't any \"tricks\" to help, but there were plenty of examples for practice. Lastly, phrasal verbs were explained. Learning the 3 different types seemed like almost too much detail, and I wondered how important such distinctions are.However,knowing that ESL students find them very difficult to understand means that I must be the sort of resource an ESL student might need in the future. I must be able to understand phrasal verbs completely in case the ESL students don't, and the examples for teaching ideas were very helpful.