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In conclusion, writing of lesson plans has some important functions. It helps teachers think logically of lesson procedure and acts as a document to refer to during classes. What a teacher include in a lesson plan is up to the individual and several parts are recommended to put in lesson plan, for example, learner objectives, personal aims and procedure. We also need to write down anticipated problems and solutions for students and teachers. In procedure part, we need to write down each phase: Engage, Study and Activate and good time plan is also essential to each phase. However, lesson planning doesn't mean we have to organize the class in a rigid and fixed way. We should keep the lesson plan flexible and simple, which can be adapted to the needs of the class. Planning a sequence of lessons is as important as planning a single lesson. We need to put several points into our consideration, such as flexibility and variety. All skills should be incorporated into the activities. We need to build goals for students in the sequence of lessons and they can help students know what they are expected to accomplish by the end of the lessons. All in all, good lesson planning helps both teachers and students achieve what they are expected to get in the class.