Teach English in Zhongyong Zhen - Guilin Shi

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In conclusion, this unit talks about conditionals and reported speech. There are five main conditionals: zero conditional; first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. Zero conditional is used when the actions and facts are irrefutable. First conditional is used when the \"real situation\"in the future is possible and probable. Second conditional is used in an \"unreal\" hypothetical situation that is unlikely ever to be true. Third conditional is used in a hypothetical past action. Mixed conditional usually combines a second conditional and a third conditional. For reported speech, we need to pay attention to the changes of verb tenses, pronouns and time expressions. The changes can refer to \"backshifting\" which means taking a step backwards. For example, from direct speech to reported speech, present simple tense should be changed to past simple tense. For time expressions, \"today\" should be modified to \"that day\". In terms of teaching ideas of reported speech, we can devise role-play games like intermediary or the third parties to report the words. In activate stage, we can prepare different kinds of activities for students and let them practice more to reduce the mistakes especially in conditional sentences.