Teach English in Yongfu Zhen - Guilin Shi

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This unit presented contrasting teaching videos that greatly impacted me. The first video lesson was of an unprepared, unengaging and unfriendly teacher. The first video was very difficult to watch and likely extremely uncomfortable to partake in as a student. The second lesson was much more enjoyable to witness. The second lesson featured the same class and same teacher, but the second time the teacher was well panned, engaging and friendly. The level of preparedness between the two lessons was dramatically different, and the lessons had dramatically different effectiveness. The first lesson showed a teacher who did not plan his words, instructions or phases. The teacher had just planned worksheets on a topic and an activity. The teacher seemed disengaged in the lesson. In contrast, the second lesson showed a teacher that had planned each phase of the lesson. The teacher was prepared, used appropriate word choice, gave clear instructions, checked for understanding, and used ESA structure and methodology well. In the second video, the teacher smiled, was welcoming, friendly, engaging, and invited the students (sometimes by name) to participate. This teacher created an environment in which the students could learn and wanted to participate in.