Teach English in YanguAn Zhen - Guilin Shi

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Unit 15 is VERY interesting for me as I adore preparing students for the IELTS exam :) This Chapter covers evaluation and testing. There are different ways of a student's language level assessment: a) tutorials; b) evaluation by the students; c) tests. 1. Placement tests are designed to enable teachers to place new students into the correct class according to their language abilities. 2. Progress tests are used periodically to gauge what language has been remembered and acquired, what forgotten. 3. Diagnostic tests are basically similar in content to placement tests, but more extensive; and are given at the start of the course. 4. Practice tests are carried out in the format and structure of exteernal examinations (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC). 5. Cambridge Assessment includes several categories: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, and CPE; Skills for Life exam is tailored to the needs of those who moved to Britain. ESOL skills are required in England, Wales and northern Ireland, whereas Scotland has its own educational system. 6. Business English Exams are presented by BEC & BULATS. 7. Others are Edexcel London Tests of English, Trinity exams on spoken English, University of Michigan Proficiency in English, and the City & Guilds 9London) examinations in all four skills.