Teach English in Wenqiao Zhen - Guilin Shi

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Authentic materials are all around us, such as newspapers, songs, magazines, films and so on. Any massages that a native speaker can receive from the world can be considered as authentic materials. There are also some advantages and disadvantages of using authentic materials. Created materials can be considered as the replace or supplement materials which designed by teacher. Teacher can understand what students? need, weakness and so on. After that we prepared something to support the course book. I would prefer to use authentic materials for intermediate students. At the same time, use a little bit created materials as supplement. For this level, students have improved language skills; they can communicate on many topics. But they still need a course book with authentic materials to learn more useful knowledge. Meanwhile, moderate created materials can help them to open their mind. Also course books generally include student?s book, workbook, cassettes, teacher?s book and videos. There are also some other published materials, such as reading books, test books, learner dictionaries, vocabulary flash cards, etc. Different course books used in different countries could be very different. It is depend on the local applicability and availability.