Teach English in Pingle Zhen - Guilin Shi

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Unit 13 covers pronunciation and phonology, the study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. This unit emphasizes the importance of learning pronunciation for better clarity and accuracy of communication. It also aptly warns that the mechanics of pronunciation and the phonemic alphabet will be challenging even for native English speakers to understand. This makes lessons on pronunciation both important and difficult to teach. Even after some review, I struggle to understand parts of the phonemic alphabet and will need to study it again soon. This unit also demonstrates how to recognize patterns of intonation (rise/fall, fall/rise, and flat) and suggests what information can be gleaned from (or predicted by) a speaker?s tone and/or stress. The stressed word is the word that bears principal emphasis in the sentence, and we can only stress syllables, not individual vowels or consonants. Unit 13 also covers the mechanics of articulation in English, the related mechanisms in the human mouth, and the manners of articulation. The most important things I am taking away from this unit are the techniques for teaching pronunciation in a real classroom context (using the board, visuals, peer dictation, tongue twisters, etc.).