Teach English in Ping'An XiAng - Guilin Shi

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Unit 20 is all about common problems troubleshooting. Essentially there are some common problems that a teacher will likely face at some point or another of their career : the first one is dealing with very large groups of students. This can go as far as having a class of 30 to 100 people. In such a case the teacher could make use of pairing and grouping as much as possible, as well as group vocal drilling and making big use of worksheets to minimize idle times. Another common problem which also happens a lot when teaching big groups is skill disparity between students. This issue can be faced separating students in groups (matching their level) and using separate tasks or activities. The teacher can also pair students in a stronger with weaker pattern. If facing a new group, it is necessary to build rapport first while also finding out about each student's abilities and motivations. It is also important so do some warm-up at the beginning of the class (engage basically) and try to discourage the use of native language as much as possible. This is achived by minimizing the need for the students to do so, making sure the instructions are clear and understood and building the student's confidence to use English even when unsure or in doubt and do not fear mistakes.