Teach English in Maling Zhen - Guilin Shi

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This unit described needs that may arise as English teachers find themselves teaching special groups. While most of this work has been for adult learners, we need to understand how things will be different for beginning learners. Beginners will be most tempted to use their native language; it is important that we do not use it either. Our presentations should be highly visual for these learners, and our board work should be neat. When these beginners are children, things change further. We need to take into account the short attention spans of children. Classes should be fun, and from my experience, small games should be placed throughout the lesson. Peer pressure can be high, and we should be aware that the students may be facing troubles in their families. One-on-one teaching is usually far less formal. The teacher is there to guide and work with the student. Individual students are usually far more motivated than most. Teaching business-related English can vary a fair amount depending on the context. You should remember that you are an expert in teaching English, not in their industry - although a working knowledge of their business can be helpful. Be ready to respond to individual needs, and shape your course according to the specific needs of the business.