Teach English in Longhu XiAng - Guilin Shi

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The topics discussed in this unit were the attributes of being a good teacher and being a good learner. A teacher should be enthusiastic, motivated, and sensitive. They need to be attentive to the student's learning and growth in the language. Being a combination of several different teacher roles is ideal. Organizing groups activities, monitoring student progresses, providing feedback and correction, prompting deeper discussions into topics and being a resource and model of the English language for your students to use with make you a very capable teacher. Many factors can influence a student's learning experience such as desire to learn, motivation, and reasons for learning. The most motivated are often adults while the lear are early teens. On the contrary, adults are the most nervous when learning a language and while young learners are the opposite. The stage of learning a language can be divided in 6 levels ranging from A1 to C2 (beginner to advanced). In conclusion, a good teacher is one that embodies a multitude of roles in the classroom and gives sensitive yet helpful feedback to students and a good learner is one that has a desire to learn the material and use the teacher as a resource to guide them through the experiences while being open to corrections.