Teach English in Lingui Zhen - Guilin Shi

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This unit was a great collection of lists and examples of the various situations of teachers and students. When I read each bit, I would think back to my experiences as both a student (in various stages, such as going \"back\" to college as an adult) and substitute teacher for grades K-8 and a peer tutor in college to adults. I could instantly relate to older students being more motivated to show up and learn, but having more trouble with taking in all the information and adapting to it as quickly as children do. My own son did not have interesting Spanish classes (or teachers) and had no interest in the language or retention, due to no motivation. I appreciated the listing of categories for levels of learners, and plan to find that out before I take on a class, realizing it may be a mixture of students at various levels (so I've heard). I compared myself as a teacher to the qualities of good teachers, and I felt I had already encompassed many; I thought of teachers I've had who do not have some. And yet, it seemed to be that the ideal (or expectation) for us teachers is impossibly high. But I believe in reaching high and doing my best. I hope that after finishing this course, I will reassess this worry and feel confident that the high standard is indeed possible.