Teach English in Liangshui Miaozu XiAng - Guilin Shi

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It is very important to make students motivated by interesting study topics. Learning a new language is never easy, and to use study material that is not close to student's free time or occupational interest makes them lose focus and even make some students reluctant to join the lessons later on. There are many things that affect the student motivation, not only the study topic, but also how it the material presented. To play music, videos, to use overhead projector, even dia projector (or modern equivalent), to keep the lessons varied, and choose topics that are close to student's interest can make a big difference in learning the new vocabulary. I know some techniques on memorizing and study efficiency from my own past studies. To be able to read fast, skimming, to change to detailed reading when necessary, to take regular breaks are all important for efficient learning process, so that the brains can digest new information. Learning process is any technique to move information from the lessons and home work to long term memory in the brains. Then there are visual techniques, like mind mapping that makes the brains to grasp the big picture of learned material, that is especially helpful when reading long texts, which might be helpful for the more advanced students.