Teach English in Liangfeng Jiedao [YanshAn Jiedao] - Guilin Shi

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This unit introduced a range of activities that can be used to teach and reinforce various language points to young learners. Firstly, it discussed songs and chants as an effective and fun method of helping students to memorise content, as well as practise pronunciation and intonation. Younger learners benefit from simple rhymes, strong rhythms and actions, while older students might benefit from song lyrics without movement. Games with rules and a specific language teaching purpose can be used to practise vocabulary or target sentences. The unit then introduced a range of games that can be adapted for these purposes, including Monopoly, Battleships and Pictionary. The unit then detailed the benefits of using stories, including modelling writing styles, building vocabulary and the fact that they can be used with any age group and can also be used with all four skills. Arts and crafts are a fun way to stimulate both sides of the brain while learning a language, and all four skills can be applied. Seasons can provide the impetus for certain activities, but cultural sensitivity should be observed in their implementation. Finally, drama activities (including movement and mime for young learners and role plays for older learners) can provide realistic contexts for language.