Teach English in JiAojiAng Yaozu XiAng - Guilin Shi

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This unit talks of how to differentiate and utilize a variety of materials a teacher can use. Materials can be broken down into two categories ? authentic and non-authentic. Authentic materials are things that have been produced for purposes outside of a classroom. Non-Authentic materials are made, exclusively, for the classroom. Lesson plans provide a guideline for the teacher to use as the day?s lesson progresses. It documents concerns, possible solutions to the concerns and a step-by-step of what must be done to teach the class. Course books usually provide materials needed to teach the course without any issues. A teacher must know how to manage the classroom. Students feed off of how you teach and present yourself. Your voice, gestures and use of their names are just a few tools in order to keep the peace. After reading this unit, I learned that the little things in how a teacher maintains the classroom can make a significant effect. Addressing each student by their name will leave the impression that the teacher is monitoring them. A lesson plan helps to keep the lesson on track with its detailed guide. Lastly, use of authentic and non-authentic materials depends on the level of the student. Showing them too much authentic material might discourage them.