Teach English in HuAze Zhen - Guilin Shi

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This unit described different aspects of teaching pronunciation and phonology -- both the details of each and tips for carrying out pedagogical best practices. Since native speakers are not usually exposed to phonological rules and phonetic scripts in the course of their English language learning, this will be quite useful for my future classes. I had previously seen some of this content in a college linguistics course. Intonation -- how a sentence rises and falls in pitch -- can denote important communicative meaning about a sentence or phrase, i.e. how it is intended to be received. Stress refers to the \"strong part\" of each sentence or multi-syllabic word. Stress allows us to add nuance to a sentence, showing the listener what exactly we mean to emphasize. Any sentence can change meaning just by adjusting the stress. Articulation allows us to think about how to produce individual sounds. Though each of these major phonological concepts are difficult to teach along the way as separate skills, they are very important to helping a student gain fluency. This unit offered many helpful suggestions for how to teach these aspects of pronunciation, as well as a discussion at the end on when and how to include the teaching of pronunciation in a given lesson plan or unit plan.