Teach English in Guilin Huaqiao Lǚyou Jingjiqu Guanli Weiyuanhui [Guilin Overseas Chinese Tourist Economic Zone] - Guilin Shi

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Unit Seven focused on teaching new language. In general for students to have a successful learning experience they must be exposed to language, understand its meaning, and be able to make language structures and practice them. Three broad categories of content that are generally conveyed in English as a Foreign Language classes are grammar, vocabulary, and functions. Vocabulary to be presented to students can be selected by analyzing the appropriateness of the vocabulary to the students and the task, the frequency of the vocabulary's use, and how teachable the vocabulary is to the students in question. Students should learn the meaning, use, grammar, interaction, spelling, and pronunciation of each vocabulary item. Vocabulary can generally be taught through an engage, study, activate teaching routine. Grammar, or language structures, require that the teacher convey the meaning, use, forms and patterns, and spoken and written forms of the grammar. Grammar is also often taught though and engage, study, activate routine. Language functions are uses of language, such as inviting, conveying, debating, suggesting, etc, and will vary depending on the kind of language in question: formal, informal, etc. Engage, study, activate routines are often boomerang or patchwork.