Teach English in GAoshang Zhen - Guilin Shi

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This unit had so much information that can be used in practice, but from what I have perceived and understood from reading the material is that there are so many methods and so many ways to do something. Some methods work best and some methods work but not as effective. It all depends on the student that is receiving the information and how they perceive it I believe that the Lexical approach is really good, but others may not agree. Engage study and activate are definitely the best way to go about it and there's so many different ways to engage and there's so many different ways to study I find that studying is really hard because you have to be the sole motivator and I believe that studying is more effective when you're doing it with someone else studying doesn't always have to be outside the classroom it could be inside the classroom when you're participating in activities you're also studying what you're doing. I found that reading the Straight Arrow approach definitely teaches you a lot about what the student needs to work on and it's like more effective because it's straight to the point it goes through the steps and at the end the students learn something they're applying what they've engaged and what they've been studied and you're making it a practical use.