Teach English in Dawei Zhen - Guilin Shi

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This unit looks at the productive skills basic to learning any language, speaking and writing, both equally important to effectively communicate. Writing is considered to be the more difficult skill requiring a greater degree of accuracy. Speaking requires a high degree of fluency as the speaker rarely has time to think and plan their answer. Accuracy activities relate to correct use of language and are usually part of the study phase. Fluency activities, usually part of the activate phase, focus on allowing students to experiment and be creative with language emphasizing the effectiveness and flow of communication. The three basic types of speaking activities are controlled, guided and creative. The relevance of accuracy vs fluency for each activity varies. Writing skills are more formal and include subskills of handwriting, spelling and punctuation. It's important to be aware of the various challenges these may present with teaching writing skills. This unit also explains the benefits of incorporating games in the classroom to teach language. In order to create an environment where students are motivated to communicate, the teacher must create the need and desire for a communicative purpose with a want to say and/or listen to something, and an interest in what's being said.