Teach English in Chaotian XiAng - Guilin Shi

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This unit was about the equipment you can use in a classroom. I feel like this unit was a little bit outdated. I have for example not seen a cassette recorder or a video (VHS) in a very long time, and I bet half the people my age don't even know how to use those anymore. Of course the use of course books, a white board, visual aids, worksheets and such are used daily in the classroom, which is very good. But your smartphone can function in so many ways! It can be a video camera, a voice recorder. You can connect it to the overhead projector and that way show clips from YouTube, whole films (on Netflix for example instead of DVDs). There's websites for everything such as activities and dictionaries. You can download podcasts and other listening materials onto your phone and use that instead of a bunch of different CDs and a CD player. There's apps for everything these days! The good thing is, everyone knows how to use their smartphone so no difficulty setting up whatsoever. I like the 'old school' tools very much, and definitely think there should be a good balance between the use of electronics and the other tools. But there's no denying that a smartphone can take on a lot of tasks and is a good replacement for some of the more expensive materials a school otherwise might have.