Teach English in Chacheng XiAng - Guilin Shi

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This unit outlines the various equipment and external teaching aids that are available to use to motivate and keep the interest of the students. Some of the various pieces of equipment include interactive white boards and blackboards, although whiteboards are more commonly used these days. These whiteboards have become more technologically advanced and offer the teacher the ability to do more than just write on them with markers but use a pen which acts as a pointer and tool in the same way a mouse does on a computer. Other equipment which can be used include overhead projectors, videos and DVD's, cassette recorders, CD players and video cameras. Whilst all have advantages over just using the course book, you must also be careful to take into consideration their disadvantages and weigh up which option is the best to use in the situation you are in. This unit has taught me that whilst the Internet can, at times, be a wonderful and strange place, there are also many online resources which can be used to great advantage within a classroom environment and that are beneficial to the student to enhance their learning enjoyment and interest in learning English. Sites such as online dictionaries and YouTube have made the learning of English a different world to the one of 40 years ago.