Teach English in CaiwAn Zhen - Guilin Shi

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I feel that this unit not only facilitated learning and applying the past tenses, but also in solidifying the present tense forms from the prior unit. In addition to learning the format that each past tense takes, I went back to make notes as to the usage of each tense. I found this helpful as a native speaker to know WHY each tense is used. The similarity in format between the present and past tenses helped alleviate some frustration for me. For example, present continuous and past continuous, both use the auxiliary verb 'be' accordingly for the appropriate tense, and the the present participle of the verb (verb + -ing). Seeing this pattern helped my understanding of the past tenses in comparison to the present. Identifying the pattern was also helpful as not to cause confusion for the material or intimidation for the overwhelming number of tenses compared to what I has learned when I was in school: past, present, future. I must pay a lot of attention to the details of the tenses and the reasons that students my be confused, as a native speaker I don't always know why a sentence is correct or false, only that it is. I it noteworthy to mention that the common mistakes made by students with each tense are an advantage to know what challenges await me in my teaching ambitions.