Teach English in Tantang Jiedao - Guigang Shi

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Managing classes effectively is one of the single most important skills I believe a teacher should obtain. Students are very sensitive to their environment and if they sense or see that a teacher doesn't know how to manages the classroom they will certainly become bored and uninterested which will lead to chaos in the classroom. In this unit I clearly understand that being a nice, understanding and effective teacher far outweighs being moody and annoyed towards students. Students need consistency in the class, and they need a relaxed learning environment so they can perform their best and get the most out of the lesson. Teachers need to know and understand the students, they need to have a good rapport with the students. Teachers need to know when and how to discipline students so the student can give their best performance and not lose motivation in the class. Also, regarding new students, \"Ice breakers' are so very important especially at the start of a new class/course as this can help the students feel relaxed and look forward to coming back to class. To keep the lesson interesting teachers should vary activities to maintain interest from the students. Teachers should also understand the concept of TTT and STT and not abuse TTT, otherwise students will lose interest in the class.