Teach English in Siwang Zhen - Guigang Shi

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The most helpful part of this lesson for me was the discussion of First Lessons and how to be effective on the first day of class. The most important thing is to establish a rapport with the class as a whole and each student, also you want to create a rapport between classmates. The best thing to do on the first day in not to tackle lessons, but rather work on building this rapport. This can be done through games, a questionnaire, and a needs analysis. It is also important to find out what students want to learn -- why are they taking English and what are their goals for the class, and some personal information about students -- how they like to spend their free time, job goals, family, etc., as this can help you build future lessons that will engage the students. It can also be helpful to know what level each student is at so you know if all students are at a similar level or there are some differential skills that you will need to address. In addition to First Lessons this unit also covered differential teaching ideas, how to deal with large class sizes, the use of native language in the classroom, reluctant students, and difficulties with listening texts. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this class and I look forward to using these new skills teaching ESL classes. Thank you!