Teach English in ZhujiAng Jiedao - Guangzhou Shi

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Unit 1 provides a basic overview of the core characteristics that are required to be a good teacher, as well as the skills and methods one will need in order to do so successfully. In general, teachers must have passion for the craft and be patient, kind and understanding while being more concerned with the success of their students than that of themselves. Through out the tenure of a teacher many different approaches will be required to ensure the success of their students. For example, as a manager, teachers must be comfortable taking a leadership role and being in front of groups while they read aloud and direct the cadence of class. However, they must be able to shift gears as a facilitator in an effort to encourage student participation and empower their class to speak up without giving them the information outright. Perhaps most challenging is the role of assessor. Here the teacher must find sensitive ways to provide constructive feedback while being careful to not discourage students. This role requires delicate balance that requires patience and adaptability depending on the students themselves. There are a variety of things you need to understand (about your students) before you can determine how you will teach them. Understanding their cultural differences, age, their current speaking level. All of these aspects inform how you will teach. Adult learners will often seek out classes on their own which can make them good, motivated students. This is not the case with most post puberty students. Similarly, understanding what level of English speaking skills your students possess is a critical component to knowing how you will structure your lessons. You don't want to overwhelm students by giving them more than they are ready for. But, you also don't want to bore more advanced students by giving them work they have already mastered. It's important to know and accentuate the positive qualities each student has, to motivate and encourage their learning. Teachers must be observant, self motivators who are passionate about other peoples success. They must be multi taskers to understand how to present the material while simultaneously observing how students are learning. They must be adaptable, flexible and creative as they deal with a variety of students and personalities. All in all, it requires great unselfishness and understanding.