Teach English in Zhucun Jiedao - Guangzhou Shi

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Classroom management is very necessary for effective teaching environment inside the class. So teacher should be well aware how to manage the class during the study phase and activity phase because during these two phases proper classroom management is in its severe need. There are some elements which plays an important role in classroom management like eye contact with the students when you are giving instructions to them to make sure they are attentive towards you and they are showing expressions that they are understanding your instructions. Make use of gesture to add visual aid to your instructions and teaching because it will help the students understand your point more clearly which they didn't understand just through the listening.Try to remember the names of students so you can invite every student by his/her name to answer you. Make a good rapport with the students so they will more participate in your lesson. Whole class grouping, pair grouping, individual work....these are some ways in which teacher usually divide the class when an activity is being carried out. In order to know which one we should select out of these dividing methodologies we should concern our activity requirement that does it need the whole class to work together or the main aim of this activity is to groom the children on individual basis. But prefer to make use of whole class as one group so students get to know their classmates well and get opportunity to work with different children so this develops an environment of self-confidence between the students during participating in class activities and let the other students correct their classmates when they are answering so helping and try to help ....these things will create a sense of belonging in the students with their classmates.Arrangements for seating depends on some factors like age, number of students, nationalities, etc. so we can make different arrangements considering these factors. Seating arrangement varies according to the need of specific class environment so teacher should be well aware that if wants to get a specific response or he wants to perform a specific activity which class arrangement is going to suitable. In order to face problematic behavior make use of his previous experience with the students and think that he should respond immediately to the problem or try to solve it later in private.