Teach English in Xinzao Zhen - Guangzhou Shi

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First lessons: Such classes can fall into two categories: New group and Existing group. First class will achieve the following: Establish rapport between the students and also between the teacher and the class; Find out about the students; Find out about the students needs'/ aspiration with English; Find out the English level of each individual class member. They are a member of activities that teacher can use for these purposes: Questionnaire for Survey; A similar type of activity is 'tell us about' which is a board game in keep talking; Pass the ball game; Needs analysis. Warmers Typical Warmer ideas include: Hangman; Pictionary; Tongue twisters; Memory games. Different levels They are a member of ways that the teacher can deal with this: Use different materials; Same materials different tasks; Don't do anything; Pair stronger students with weaker ones. Larger classes The teacher can employ a number of techniques to create successful classes: Use worksheets; Pair/ group work; Clarity; Choral repetition; Appoint group leaders; Dynamics. Use of native language They are a member of things that the teacher can do in such a situation: Make sure the activities you use are at an appropriate level and that the students have the necessary language to cope; Make sure your explanations are clear to all class members; Encourage the use of English where appropriate; Only respond to English; Constantly remind the students. Reluctant students Following are some other useful ideas: Use plenty of pair work; Use controlled practice; Use role-play; Use a tape recorder. Difficulties with listening texts First of all though, make sure it is a problem with listening skills and not just to the poor quality of the tape, or the volume being too low, etc. Another common problem the teacher is often faced with is what to do with one or two students have finished tasks yet other may be only part way through. Most the teachers take the 'common sense' view that we should carry out the lesson at the pace of the majority of the class. If we keep a selection of extra activities/ materials, We can send make sure the quicker students have something to do and don't become bored. Another solution is to plant other activities for the same materials and if some students finish early, they can do extra work on it. Word researchers are convenient and often popular materials to keep handy for quick finishers.