Teach English in Xiaolou Zhen - Guangzhou Shi

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In this unit I learned in teaching you do not have to be an extrovert to be a good teacher. Some teachers are very low-key, why others are lively and amusing, and that I will find my style through time. To be an effective teacher you must be able to inspire confidence and you must know when to be firm and when to leave the students alone. In other words teachers must be flexible and change his or her role according to the activity and situation without being dominant or leaving the student uncertain. You must have good eye contact. Good eye contact in the classroom is very important to establish a good rapport with your student. Next is gesture, you should use a good use of gestures at least ones that are commonly understood. It's can be very important and useful during teaching. To suggest and convey the meaning to add visual interest and increased pace of the lesson and to reduce verbal explanation. Next we go into the voice, your voice should have very good clarity and range in a variety of projection. Know when to fluctuate your voice to get the point across. To be able to raise your voice to get the point across when your students are not paying attention. Next we go onto using students names. You should always use your students name at the end of each question so they will know who should answer. Now we're going into grouping students. The first is whole class grouping and the pros and the cons. Next will be students working on their own the pros and cons. Pair work and the pros and cons, then we go into group work the pros and cons. Moving onto classroom arrangement you may want to set stronger students with a weaker student and you can arrange students how you feel they should be by nationality, different personality and ages. Writing on the chalkboard. To keep your time-limited with your back to the class you could use things as a projector, cards with vocabulary, or students can write on the board for you. I also learned that you should get the individual attention and take time for your student and talking time with each one of them. The advantages and disadvantage of doing so. This unit also goes over giving instructions and how to keep the students attention and making sure everyone is listening and learning. Establishing rapport and how important this is. Then the unit goes on to maintaining discipline and the reasons for problem behavior and preventing the problem behavior.