Teach English in Timian Zhen - Guangzhou Shi

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The unit deals with teaching vocabulary and grammar. The aim is to ensure students are introduced to the language in a balanced way. Lessons specifically targeted at vocabulary and grammar commonly use the ?straight arrow? ESA approach while the ?boomerang? or ?patchwork? ESA structures is more often used for lessons targeting functions. It is down to the teacher to find the most appropriate method. The criteria for choosing vocabulary for lessons include how appropriate it is to the students and to the task, the frequency and coverage. How often students are likely to come across the language and whether it can be applied to different situations. Teachability is important ie clear and visual language for beginner students. What do students need to know about a vocabulary item? Its meaning, its use, how and when it is appropriate to use, word grammar, where it belongs, its interaction with other words, spelling and pronunciation. The unit suggests techniques for the Engage stage of ESA, including realia, mime and action and contrast, pictures, discussion and discovery. The study stage can include crosswords and word searches, matching exercises, example-sentences, pronunciation exercises ie drilling and study from texts and dialogues. The Activate phase can include open class discussion, role play, simulation, story building and debate. A straight arrow vocabulary lesson is focused on housing. The engage phase includes pictures from home or magazines; in the study phase the teacher shows text or plays dialogue of someone describing a house and in the activate stage students build a dream house in groups and present to class. Similarly, the unit provides guidance in teaching grammatical structures focused on meaning, use, forms and patters and both spoken and written form. The unit provides techniques for presenting language structures including discussion in the engage stage, looking at context in the study phase and communication games and role play in the activate phase. It provides a patchwork grammar lesson for mid-level students aiming to get mid-level students talking and writing about films, books using the simple past tense. It provides three activate stages including analysis of the simple past tense, writing short stories from picture prompts and a chain story communication game. A boomerang lesson for functions including invitations and rejections is included.