Teach English in Tanbu Zhen - Guangzhou Shi

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There are generally two types of groups of students all teachers can face: A new group or an existing group. The difference being in an existing group the students will most likely all be familiar with each other and the opposite for a new group. Objectives for a teacher when faced with the first lesson of a new class: 1.Establishing rapport between the students. 2.Find out as much of the students as possible. 3.Find out the students needs/aspirations with English. 4.Find out the level of English for each of the students. It is important for a teacher to get the students in the mood, i.e. get the students motivated to study by using methods, aka. \"warmers\". Examples or warmers include short games like Hangman, memory games, tongue twisters, etc. In every class there will be students of varying English levels or some students may develop on their skills much faster than others. In this case the teacher can divide the students into groups of different levels and give the students different levels of materials respectively provided they are within the same theme. If the teacher feels this not appropriate, they can gave the same material to all the students, but give the students varying levels of tasks based on the level of the student. Also the teacher can pair stronger students with weaker students during activities or altogether not do anything. When dealing with large classes: 1.Use worksheets. 2.Use pair/group work. 3.Make your voice and board work are visible/audible to the whole class. 4.Use choral repetition. 5.Appoint group leaders. 6.Use the dynamics of the large class to your advantage. Teachers need to make sure the students use English to communicate as much as possible. Allowing the students to communicate in their native tongue is huge no-no. This can be done by using a number of methods: 1.Make sure you explain to the students at the appropriate language level and make sure the students have the necessary language too cope. 2.Make sure the explanations are clear to the whole class. 3.Always encourage the use of English where appropriate. 4.Only respond to the students when they use English. 5.Constantly remind the students to use English. Dealing with reluctant or under confident students: 1.Use pair work. 2.Use Controlled practice. 3.Use role-play. 4.Allowing the student to use a tape recorder or any similar method to record their work. Always help students improve their listening skills!