Teach English in Shiqiao Jiedao - Guangzhou Shi

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Unit 9 discussed Lesson Planning, a lesson plan has several functions, namely; it is an aid to planning, a working document and a record. When writing a lesson plan, you should keep it simple and flexible. When constructing a lesson plan it is recommended that you include the following: ?Learner objectives?, this shows the themes around which the lesson is based and how it relates to past and future lessons. ?Teaching aids?, these are materials that will aid in the teaching of your lesson, it is important to ensure that you have all your necessary aids before the start of class. ?Anticipated problems?, if you anticipate potential problems both from student and you as a teacher you can figure out solutions beforehand which save time a stress. ?Procedures?, these are the activities used to achieve the learning objectives. ?Phase?, this refers to the Engage, Study and Activate phase. ?Timing , it is important to plan how long each lesson will take to complete, when drafting a lesson plan it will allow you to figure out if you have too much or too little activities planned. ?Interaction?, this shows who will be interacting at each stage of the lesson, for example, student to student interaction or teacher student interaction. ?Class level?, it is important to know the level at which your class is at as it relates to the English language so you can plan your lessons accordingly. ?Number of Student?, knowing the number of students attending your class will help you to ensure that your activities of suited for that size class. ?Date/Time?, this helps you to keep a record of what was done in class and when. ?Teacher?s and observer?s names? this is useful if the class is being monitored. I learned that It is important for teachers to monitor there lessons and record what went well in each lesson and what they can improve to make future lessons even more successful. When planning a sequence of lessons, it is important to be flexible as some information will change during a particular lesson especially if you are going to use a lesson evaluation plan, so we?ll need to update predated plans continuously. Some teachers plan goals to achieve when planning a sequence of lessons, which gives the teachers and students something to achieve. Lessons need to be revised continuously to ensure that students retain the information.