Teach English in Renhe Zhen - Guangzhou Shi

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I learned the positives and negatives of the different methodologies of teaching . Grammer-Tranlation is a system of translation where the student will learn more about the language rather than the natural form there is a lack of student speaking. Audio-Lingualism put large emphasis on language drills. Presentation, Practice and Production is a teacher centered but effective method lacks flexibility however and is more suited for low level students. Task-Based learning is based on students completing the task using English teachers correct when need to. CLT is about language functions and giving the students lots of opportunities to speak english. CLL is based on having students work in groups and have discussions on topics. The Silent Way has students discover learning one their own the teacher is hands off. Suggestopaedia method aims for the students to be comfortable confident and relaxed. The Lexical approach puts emphasis on words and phrases over grammatical structure. I think that all methods have useful aspects to them and to provide a well rounded lesson a teacher should pull from each method appropriate to the language topic, learner level and the local culture. This course believes that the most effective technique is the Engage, Study and Activate (ESA) as it provides exposure, opportunity and flexibility. The key factor is elicitation, which by definition is asking thought provoking questions and is best suited for new teachers. The unit goes over many examples to include elicit techniques in a lesson plan. In building a lesson plan the most effective will be patch work ESA as it will keep students involved throughout the entire lesson in my opinion. Every lesson must start of with the engage phase. This phase is meant to draw interest of the students. It is important the every student talks and that the teacher does not correct any errors or mistakes but only takes notes or allows for self correct or other student help. The study phase is where the language topic is presented, demonstrated and if needed correction of errors and always encouraging feedback. The activate is phase where the student put what they already know and what was just learned to th test. This can be done with group activities such as role-play, communication games and discussions to name a few. Feedback is essential for students to evaluate and progress. Feedback and corrections but must be done thoughtfully as to not put down a student. Always praise and reinforce with positivity.