Teach English in Pazhou Jiedao - Guangzhou Shi

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This unit focuses on teaching special groups. There are five categories of special groups which will be explained in details below. Beginners: Things to bear in mind when teaching beginner -Keep it simple -Be visual rather than verbal. -Get them talking. -Use questions and verbal repetition drills -Use pairwork. Individuals ( one to one): Positive- only one level Negative- dynamics meaning the teacher will have to be involved in the actual lesson process. Lessons to bear in mind; -Needs analysis; the idea is to find out what the students already know, what they are going to need to know from their English learning. -Concentrate teaching on their interest. -Cover all skills. Young Learners: Lessons to bear in mind; -Constantly praise them. -Constant repetition. -Slow simple speech. -Reference individuals. General Do and Don?t for the teaching of Young Learners Do; -Always use English -Speak slowly -Use gesture and mime Don?t; -Use their native language. -Don?t put individuals ?on the spot?. -Don?t expect them to have all materials. Business English: -90% of business English Language is general English. -You are not teaching them about business. Common problems. -Tiredness- they may have been working all day. -Mixed ability- students from a single department. -Attendance- can be erratic. Typical process to go through before teaching business English -level test -needs analysis -group needs negotiation -plan out the syllabus -test and evaluate progress -post course evaluation Some Do and Don?t about business English. Do; -use your ignorance of their job to your advantage -find out what their jobs involves -be professional. Don?t; -talk about people -expect them to bring everything they need. -use their native language. Monolingual Vs Multilingual: -Monolingual students all have the same native language. -Multilingual students have different native languages. Advantages of monolingual class -Common difficulties -Culture is similar for all students Disadvantages, -Will try even at high levels to use their native language -Less natural exposure to English. Advantages of multilingual class -they have no common language as such their only common language is English -Variety of experiences. Disadvantages; -No common difficulties -Different ethnic backgrounds. What I have personally learnt from this unit are the techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beginners, young learners and business students.