Teach English in JiAngpu Jiedao - Guangzhou Shi

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In this unit, the qualities of \"good\" teachers and students were discussed. Along with this, the differences between adult learners and young learners were covered as well as the various roles a teacher must take on and the various levels of the English language. I have learned that specific qualities are needed in order to become a good teacher, such as being fair and caring. I feel these two qualities are important because when a teacher shows that they care about their teaching methods and roles as well as the students and the students' needs, they are essentially encouraging and motivating the student to be successful at learning English. It also allows the student to not become nervous and hesitant to participate in class. By being fair a teacher makes every student feel they they matter and do not feel left out of the lessons. I've also learned that one of the most important qualities a good student can have is being motivated such as having the overall desire to learn. Personally I feel this is very important because without motivation from within the student as well as having this motivation being encouraged by the teacher, a student will not be as receptive to the information being taught and may lose interest in learning English. They would be less likely to participate and ask questions which could be detrimental to the whole learning process and may not be successful if such a thing happened. And one of the other things I've learned is when it comes to teaching English as a foreign language, understanding and being sensitive to each students' needs is extremely important. This is because not all students learn at the same pace and each student has their own way they learn best and most effectively. A teacher wants to build up students, encourage, motivate and guide students,not making them feel embarrassed or that their concerns they may have aren't important. When a teacher understands their students they will do everything they can to make the students lessons and learning experience enjoyable and most beneficial. Being sensitive to students will also encourage them to not be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help when needed. The teacher plays so many different role to the learners, however the role as organizer is one of the most important roles as this role sets the foundation of the other roles a teacher takes on, in that how the teacher will plan and execute the lessons and activities and how the students will be paired off will start the classroom learning experience. This is vital in the success of the teacher and the students alike.