Teach English in JiAngnanzhong Jiedao - Guangzhou Shi

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This unit went over teaching special groups - young learners (children) and business english learners in particular. The needs and teaching style of these two groups differ greatly, as do the monolingual versus multilingual classrooms, and individual versus group/class settings. When teaching individually, some suggestions were provided for in this unit and include the following: activities from course books, find out the student's specific language problems, engage contact information, variety, maximize the students interests, and balancing conversation with work activities. Suitable example activities for teaching individual students were listed in this unit as well on page 5. When teaching children, teachers have to ensure that their lessons are most engaging and not too long, that they are fair to all students, give attention to those who need it (i.e. by assigning roles) and refrain from talking in the child's mother tongue. Children have a better chance at acquiring a new language (adults generally take longer and more effort), and this can be used to a teacher's advantage. It is also always important to remember that children are still children and cannot be doing work-like activities at all times, and that many have home-lille circumstances that could impede on their learning. Many children seek approval from their teachers so appraisal is necessary. Some do's and don'ts for teaching children in regards to lessons are listed in this unit on page 7, as well as class discipline and management tips on page 8. Business English is often an area that brings about insecurity in English language teachers who do not know anything about businesses, however, it is helpful to keep in mind that they are teachers of English and not of business and therefore can do their job effectively regardless. There are different ways that teaching business English can take place in: one-to-one, in company groups, and in school groups. This unit discusses how it is critical to take what is called a \"needs analysis\" pertaining to the start of the course. This helps teachers identify the specific needs of their students, what they believe their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to appropriately coordinate and plan their lessons/units. Feedback sessions are also essential to effective teaching and learning. An example of a needs analysis is provided for on page 13 and 14 of this unit. The end of this unit discusses the differences between a monolingual and a multilingual class, emphasizing the importance to avoid using the mother-tongue in the classroom. A list of reasons are given.