Teach English in Qiaodong Jiedao - Chaozhou Shi

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This section focuses on teachers and learners,it makes mention of what makes a good teacher and some qualities of a good teachers include;knowledge of the subject the teacher is teaching,patient and kind, able to establish rapport and should be able to motivate. To add,this unit also talks about the roles of the teacher,some of the roles include; manager or controller, organizer, assessor, prompter,participant and tutor.All these roles will help the teacher to know which role and when to implement when teaching learners. Again, this unit makes mention of what makes a good learner. Some general characteristics that successful students appear to possess are; the willingness to listen to the language, the desire to learn, the desire to experiment with the language, willingness to ask questions and the desire to learn. Moreover young learners and adults have been differentiated in terms of age.learning experience, motivation, nervousness, behavior and life experience. More still,language levels have been broken down as follows.; Beginners,these are learners from zero knowledge of English to a very basic level of English which cannot be quickly or easily activated. Elementary, Learners here are able to form basic sentence structure and communicate on simple topics. Pre-intermediate, learners here are able to discuss a range of topics but still likely to make many errors. Intermediate, here learners are able to discuss on a wide range of issues but still having issues with accuracy and fluency. Upper-intermediate, learners here are able to discuss on almost all topics but still lacking in accuracy. Advanced, here learners have a good knowledge of the English language and now will be studying more subtle items. The Common European Framework recently established by the Council of Europe states the following six levels; -Breakthrough,Basic User,A1 -Waystage, Basic User, A2 -Threshold,Independent B1 -Vantage, Independent B2 -Effective Operational Proficiency, Proficient User,C1 -Mastery, Proficient User,C2. These levels broadly equates to the language levels listed above. Furthermore, some of the most common reasons why students attend English classes are; -For future career prospects -For travel purposes -To improve grades at school and -To study or live in an English speaking country. Conclusively, what i have personally learnt from this unit are the qualities a good teacher is supposed to have some of which include;kind and patient,love teaching and know how to motivate. Also i have learnt the roles of a teacher in the classroom and which role and when to implement. I have personally learnt the various characteristics a good learner is supposed to possess, the distinctions between young learners and adults in terms of age, motivation, life experiences and behaviour. The different learning levels and some common reasons why learners attend English classes. This is a brief overview of the content of unit one and what i feel i have learnt from it personally.