Teach English in Niupeng Zhen - Bijie Shi

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To manage a class effectively is not an easy task for teachers, even professional ones may encounter different problems. Apart from the language knowledge teaching, teachers should consider different aspects. The students are from various background, personalities, learning abilities, etc. Teachers have to use different strategies to make the classroom teaching and learning fluently and more efficiently. From my teaching experience, I have been teaching a senior secondary school speaking class weekly. As there are many group activities in the 2-hour lesson, then I prefer to make three groups. Some students are bit shy, so I intend to mix them with some active students. As they are going to preparing the public examination very soon, my teaching objective is to drill them how to achieve high marks. All of the tasks in the lessons are focusing on production stage. I spend half of the lesson on monitoring their discussion on some debate topics. Then I would comment their performance in general. The whole lesson involves very few teacher-talk-time, but significant amount of student-talk-time.