Teach English in Lǜhua Baizu Yizu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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Unit 1 helped explain the overall role of a teacher as well as the student. The position of the teacher was broken down into different roles that are needed for the students' learning. Roles may change depending on the lesson provided, the type of class, or the personality or style of the teacher. Because a good teacher cares just as much about the learning of the student, he or she should be willing to take on the role needed for the particular class or the particular student. Students were also discussed and compared by age and level of language learning. Students were divided into categories, such as beginner ,elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, or advanced. These levels help teachers to understand where each student is coming from and how to better help them. Understanding the motivation, behavior, and experience of students, whether they are adults or young learners, can help a teacher know how to prepare and equip a student. Also, understanding the difference between young learners and adult learners can help a teacher plan and execute lessons more easily.