Teach English in GuAnyindong Zhen [ShAjing XiAng] - Bijie Shi

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In this lesson, we learned about different methods used to teach language. Some methods, such us audio-lingualism, grammar-translation, and the PPP method, focus on accuracy of the target language, including correct sentence structure, word usage, and retention of new material. Other methods, like task-based learning or CLT, emphasize the usage of the language, wanting students to just speak or use the new language without focusing so much on accuracy. This lesson also went into great detail on the Engage-Study-Activate methodology of teaching a language, recommending that this method be used. This method focuses on many different aspects of learning a language- review, using what is already known, learning new words or aspects of the language, and then doing something with the new knowledge- creating something, presenting, debating, etc. In my opinion, I can see this being a very effective method of learning a new language because it includes a wide variety of activities for different learning styles, and the different means of practicing help students remember the new material more effectively.