Teach English in Fuchu Yizu Miaozu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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In this unit, it focuses on how to teach receptive skills - reading and listening. We read and listen for a purpose or for entertainment. Our minds must not only be able to recorgnize and understand the words but also be able to grasp their overall meaning and process them in our pre-existing knowledge to gain true understanding. I have learned in this unit that teaching receptive skills presents few problems: connection with the language contained in the text, the topic and the tasks the students will perform, a number of unfamiliar words, and word and sentence length. Exposing the students more with the language will help them learn more. We can do vocabulary pre-teaching and becareful on our selection of texts to approach language difficulty. More importantly, the basic keys to successful receptive skill lessons are: build interests/motivates the students, pre-teach vocabulary without over doing it, use realistic comprehension tasks that aid understanding, vary the type of material, use the material to practice different skills, and incorporate activate phase that naturally lead on from the text.