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Future tenses: 1. Future Simple: actions in the future using future facts and certainties/promises/predictions which are not based on present evidence/assumptions and threats. 2) Future Continuous, and action in progress at a particular time in the future. Form: \"will + be\" and usages: actions in progress at a particular moment in future/ to predict the present / refer to future events, etc. 3) Future perfect: action in the future that will be completed by a time in the future. IE: she will have completed her homework. 4)Future Perfect Continuous: how long an action had ben taking place up until a time in the future. Form: will + have. Example: I will have been working here for 8 years. 5). \"going to\" future : on of the most frequently used tenses. Usages are intentions/predictions based on present evidence or plans (decisions made before speaking. 6). Present Simple: time tables and schedules. Usages to suggest a more formal situation or suggest an impersonal tome 7) Present Continuous : another often used tense used for difinitve arguments or decisions without a time frame.