Teach English in Dayi XiAng - Bijie Shi

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The unit materials are definitely something that I will be referring back to as I begin my teaching career. In my time that I have worked with people who speak English as an L2 language, I know that pronunciation is something that can be a cause of confidence issues and can impede communication practice which can keep them behind. Even is one is able to communicate effectively in another language, a lack of confidence can keep them from actually doing so. I can also see why many teachers skip over this part of the lessons, because although it is important to the function of the language, I can see how it can create some unnecessary stress and confusion, depending on how thoroughly it is taught. The video of the teaching lesson provided gave a great example of how to get students to think of pronunciation in solely a productive skill, and separate it mentally from reading and writing as to not confuse sounds with spelling. I think that is the most important step, which may make it easier with older students, so that way previous lessons of spelling and reading aren't confused with diagrams for speaking.