Teach English in Daxinqiao Jiedao - Bijie Shi

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Production skills involve both speaking and writing. When we communicate, it is usually because of we want to either listen, say, are interested in what is being said, or have some sort of communicative purpose (ie ordering food). The two types of activities for practicing productive skills are fluency and accuracy. Accuracy activities deal with producing correct language, and are naturally more controlled by the teacher. Some examples of this activity involve drilling and prompting. Fluency activities are aimed at encouraging creativity and working on the flow. Activities that help with fluency are along the lines of discussions and role play. Writing on the other hand may be a bit more difficult. Due to all the confusing rules, the best way to teach proper writing is to expose students to a lot of different layouts. For the purposes of creative writing, the same principles for creative speaking may apply. It is important that the students feel encouraged to write. Some activities include creating stories and plays. A great way to encourage students to both speak and write is to do pair or group work.