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The seven most common are as follows (not in any order of frequency): 1.The future simple e.g. I'll pick you up later. 2.The future continuous e.g. I'll be getting on the train at five p.m. 3.The future perfect e.g. I'll have finished my exams by Monday. 4.The future perfect continuous e.g. He'll have been driving for two hours before he reaches Paris. 5.Be going + infinitive e.g. It's going to rain later. 6.The present simple e.g. The train leaves platform five in ten minutes. 7.Thepresentcontinuous e.g. I'm meeting her for coffee tomorrow. In this unit i learned about future forms how different forms used in different manner this is most complicated tense but after reading this unit i can differentiate wgere we have to use which tense