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The most important aspect of unit 16 in my opinion were the five types of conditional statements it discussed, as conditional statements play a significant role when it comes to understanding grammar. Zero conditionals are used to create statements that are irrefutable for example \"Water turns to ice if you freeze it.\" First conditional statements are used to create hypothetical situations that are realistic and can occur if it certain conditions are met. An example of this would be ?If it rains tomorrow, I?ll buy an umbrella.? Second conditional sentences are used to represent unrealistic hypothetical situations that are most likely never going to occur, for example \"If I won a million dollars, I would purchase a mansion.\" Third conditional statements are used to represent a realistic hypothetical past scenario with a hypothetical past result and always contain the word \"have\" in them. An example of this would be \"If I had studied harder, I could have passed the exam.\" The final conditional statements are called mixed conditional statements and occur if a second conditional clause is combined with a third conditional clause. It?s used to indicate a hypothetical past action, and the hypothetical present consequence. For instance \"I could be a millionaire now, if I had invested in bitcoin.\" "Teflonlinenet_216623